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noraaplume asked:

hey john! so i know youre not big on getting your picture taken after shows, but i was wondering on like, your status on asking for a hug? im never sure if it's weird or not to ask for a hug from someone i don't really know, and i would never want to make you uncomfortable asking... im sorry if this sort of question bothers you... thanks for taking the time to look at it either way. thank you.



I’ll hug the hell outta anybody, hugs are real and awesome. raincheck on hug for anybody who’s got a cold, can’t get sick must stay grinding

A time before my denim jacket - not a time I would visit easily.

and then, he posts a Smiths’ video and you realize — oh, he’s like that again now

The Smiths- That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Pretension or: How I stopped worrying and love pen and paper (again)

For better or worse, I’ve started writing again. You know, I used to get paid to do this?

I’m not a writer though — I’m no Michael Chabon or Junot Díaz.

Yesterday I was told that it doesn’t matter because I write. Short stories, news briefs, poems, fiction, non-fiction or cultural dissertations required for college credit. I’m still a writer.